Tender Touch

4,990.00 ש"ח

Yellow Gold ·

Experience the epitome of luxurious elegance with the Tender Touch - Yellow Gold diamond earrings C hoop. Elevate your style to unparalleled heights as they radiate captivating beauty and sophistication. The warm glow of the yellow gold enhances their dazzling sparkle, making a statement that exudes opulence. Embrace their irresistible allure and let these exquisite earrings become the perfect accessory to infuse your day with glamour and radiant charm.


    Size: 1.00


    Stone Type: Natural Diamonds

    Natural Diamonds
    Lab Diamonds
    Central Diamond Specification
    • Central diamond Shape Round
    • Central diamond Cut Excellence
    • Diamond color F
    • Diamond cleaning SI1
    • Diamond certificate Included
    Ring Specification
    • Number of diamonds 80
    • Side diamond weight and quality 0.80 Carat /

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